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A good education is critical in preparing our children for the future and developing a strong and robust economy. Darryl has always been a strong voice for improving our schools, from supporting good teachers, to making sure class sizes are manageable, to giving parents a greater role in their child’s education.

As a parent and education advocate, Darryl knows quality education starts early. That is why he supports funding early childhood education programs. In the legislature, Darryl fought to increase funding for a pre-kindergarten and full day kindergarten program for at-risk children.

As a parent, Darryl knows the impact that good teachers have on a child’s education. Providing our teachers with the resources and technology that they need is vital to ensure a quality education.

Darryl is committed to ensuring that college education remains within reach for middle class families. Those who cut college tuition aid, while defending tax loopholes for big corporations, have their priorities backward.

We must also focus on vocational and job training programs.  This is vital to retraining workers with skills that are required to meet the 21st century’s job market.

In these tough economic times, changing careers isn’t always a choice – it’s a necessity. That’s why Darryl believes that education is a lifelong endeavor. To ensure that our workforce is globally competitive, Darryl will work to make investing in adult continuing education a national priority.

Protecing Our Environment

Darryl knows that we need to protect our beaches, lakes, aquifers, and coastlines. Darryl wants to protect our environment so generations to come can enjoy the white sand beaches and crystal clear water we enjoy here in Tampa Bay.

Darryl also knows that sea level rise is an important issue. That's why he drafted legislation last year to implement a S.A.L.T. or Shoreline Adaptation Land Trust to combat destruction caused by sea level rise.

Darryl also knows we need to ban fracking in our state to stop the degradation of our environment and that we need stricter water regulations so that we don't see another algal bloom in our Florida waterways.

Women and Families

Darryl believes that a woman must have the right to make choices about her body without the involvement of government officials. He is a supporter of women’s reproductive rights. Darryl is a committed supporter of Roe v. Wade and believes that access to effective birth control and emergency contraception should be guaranteed for all women.

This Legislature is ready to turn back the clock on women and families. They have attacked women’s reproductive rights and health care and are not stopping there. Darryl will stand strong against anyone who attacks these basic rights and essential programs.

Jobs and the Economy

Darryl’s Priorities for Creating Jobs:

Working with small businesses to provide incentives for creating new, good jobs. Small business is the real engine of our economy.

Investing in infrastructure and technology to modernize the economy and create jobs. We should not accept a second rate infrastructure in Florida.

Promoting green technologies to keep us on the cutting edge of new developments in one of the fastest growing fields.

Focusing on education. The success of our state and our country starts with quality education for our children. Education and our economy are linked. When we forsake education we hinder the long term viability of our economy.

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